Matthew David Brenner


To obtain a position in the video game industry developing Gameplay mechanics or tools. I have 5 ½ years professional experience in the game industry with 15 shipped titles on 4 platforms. I've developed casual touch screen games and currently am developing a multiplayer trivia and poker game. I've been responsible for 4 in-house tools developed closely with the non-technical content department to streamline and simplify their process. I've been involved with the IGDA for 4 years and have been the vice chair of the Philly chapter for 1 year. My time in the industry has been packed with rapid development timelines, constant change in development environments, development of multiple projects simultaneously, and learning and using new technology as quickly as possible to develop games. My ability to adapt to sudden and major change has been tested over my career and my ability to learn new technology and develop games to meet milestones and deadlines is very strong.


Five Years C++ programming, Three Years C# programming. Chair of the Philly IGDA (2011-Current). Experience using Unity, SQL, XML, XAML, SQLite, Visual Studio, XCode, SVN, Engine and Game Porting, Multitouch Games, Multiplayer Development, iPhone/iPad Development, Global Game Jam. Development platforms include Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


Tap TV Trivia - TapTV

o       Developed network protocol for Server, TV, and Phone clients

o       Developed player database statics, and daily statics reporting tools

Tap TV Poker - TapTV

o       Developed network protocol for Server, TV, and Phone clients

o       Developed Matchmaking system and TV Spotlighting system

o       Developed hand resolution, bet management and client management systems

Tap TV Mobile App - iOS/Android

o       Developed menu UI, web service hooks, and downloadable content updates

o       Developed app update path, build process, and managed store listings

Spin Card Hold’em - Megatouch Ion/Moonshot

o       Programmed gestures for player UI controls

o       Developed Chip Manager to handle all in and multiple side pot betting

o       Created XML Driven Weighted AI decision making for multiple play styles

o       Lightweight table simulation for AI to make decisions

Photo Hunt - Megatouch Ion/Windows/Moonshot/iPad/iPhone

o       Programmed Gameplay, UI, and Content systems

o       Developed SQL Database for downloadable and tagable content

o       Ported to iPad in Unity, developed downloadable content system

o       Created App Store plugin, and developed system to deliver free content

o       Developed embedded jpeg that holds 2 pictures and diffs inside EXIF data

11 Ball - Moonshot

o       Used components to track ball values and logic for adding up to 11

o       Object spawning using transforms to allow art/designers to change quickly

o       Created Base Scripts and Scenes for future Unity projects

11 Up - Moonshot

o       Port of 11 Ball, Improved spawning and selection logic.

o       Maintained codebase as close as possible in both games for bug fixing

Touchdown Poker - Megatouch Ion/Moonshot

o       Developed “Spin Card” poker hand resolution for new players

o       XML driven yardage gain, adjusted the closer/further you were from endzone

Brain in Gears: Critical Thinking - Megatouch Ion

o       XML driven scale types with random animals and configurations

o       Breakthrough system for increment difficulty and choosing scales

o       XML Adjustable difficulty settings and scale decision tree

Funkier Monkey - Megatouch Ion/Moonshot

o       Developed 2D Bezier curve system for barrel introduction

o       Developed simple debug controls for artists to set curves for individual rows

o       Developed scoring system that allowed for continuous play based on skill

Megatouch Memory - Megatouch Ion

o       Developed game in 1 weekend to meet release schedule

o       XML driven graphic loading allowing downloadable content

Wheels and Deals - Windows

o       Developed matching logic and car spawning to avoid changing

o       Developed microachievement system that created achievements procedurally

Tools Programming

o       Developed tools for the AMI Content team in C#.

o       Developed custom file formats for content


Game Programmer – AMI Entertainment August 2008 - Present

o       Tasks varied from creating brand new casual games for the Megatouch Ion, iPhone, Windows, and Moonshot platforms. As well as exploring new technologies, developing tools, and Engine porting.

Internship – Cole Engineering January 2008 – May 2008

o       Tasked with learning the program OneSAF. Worked on writing behaviors and unit types for testing purposes.


Full Sail Real World Education - September 2006 – June 2008

o       Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Developments


Conference Associate at GDC for last 6 years

Speaker at GameX  (June 2009) on iPhone development and strategies

Speeches at area high schools on game development and breaking into the industry

5 years participating in the Global Game Jam

Involved in student government, HOBY, PSAC Leadership conference