Photo Hunt Social


Photo Hunt Social was a game that started as an updated version of Photo Hunt for iOS. The object of the game is to find the differences between the two pictures as quickly as possible. I developed a custom file format that put the second picture and the difference data into the EXIF header of the image. Getting the image to unpack on iOS was a challenge because of the mono environment. The game initially shipped with 200 pictures and single player mode. I later developed a content delivery system for In-App Purchases. My system pushed down 100 picture packs and a menu which allowed you to select what packs you would play with. Next I added Gamecenter multiplayer which had a head to head mode and a co-op mode. The networking was a blast to write as it was my first time getting to do a game that used networking. The game would use the downloaded content that you and your opponent had in common, and allowed voice chat as well. You can download it here. (Note: I was taken off development of this game in 2012, so it was never updated for iPhone 5 or any iPad past iPad 1. The game will play but the fonts are all screwed up. I wish I could go back and fix it.)